Scatter Slots is something special. Something unique.

Scatter Slots is a social casino that’s nothing like casinos I have seen before. Not that it’s good. Or bad.

Truthfully, I think that the developers picked a target audience and shot for it without looking elsewhere.

And you know what? I like that.

Scatter Slots – What’s it About?

Scatter Slots casino has been online for several years now in which they amassed the following of over ten million players on Android and iOS.

As I said, it’s a one-of-a-kind casino experience, taking you from your first spin, to unlocking a variety of games and features.

It’s not a casino where you get to play dozens of games right off the bat.

It’s also not a casino where every player should be playing with glee.

Scatter Slots Android iOSOn the contrary. It’s a casino that’s often dark, even bloody. And also a bit sensual. No doubt, it’s a hard combination to sell when you hear about it, but at Scatter Slots it works. It works brilliantly.

At Scatter Slots you don’t just play slots. You spin to unlock the next quest. don’t worry, you get plenty of rewards for your efforts. And if some quests happen to be too hard, you can switch to another slot machine and the quest will be different.

Can You Win at Scatter Slots?

It’s all great until your bankroll runs out, isn’t it? If Scatter Slots is not your first casino, you may know what I mean. Some casinos are incredibly fun, but they don’t let you win. They call it luck. Bull… If you played enough, you’ll know.

At first, Scatter slots seemed very similar. At least for me, Lady Femida slot machine only produced low wins, while the Wild Arrow payouts were non-existent.

That’s why I resorted to playing low bet strategy. But after one of the slots quests, I received a free max bet for one minute. I probably had 40 spins but the wins were massive. My tiny 10 million bankroll quadrupled in 60 seconds.

Scatter Slots promo

And then there were the promotional features. Scatter Slots often run various special-day promotions where, in addition to XP points and coins, you also get free collection points. If you don’t purchase coins, completing whole collections will be hard.

But even through free collection points in various promotions I got around 60 million coins.

The thing with these promotions is that they are very short. That’s part of why it is hard to collect whole collections without coin purchases.

But if you play smart, use the opportunities presented to you, you will never have to buy coins. Moreover, every day at Scatter Slots will be a blast.

Overall, my experience at Scatter Slots was rocky at first, but got better when my status was raised to Bronze as well as when I unlocked a fantastic third slot.

So, if you do join Scatter Slots, make sure to stick around until you at least complete 12 quests.

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